With longstanding experience and expertise in the electronics industry, we can guarantee the best possible service for each task.

Since every project is unique, we provide the advantage of unique solutions suited for your specific needs and requirements by having a vast network of high quality suppliers of valuable diversity from being active in the business since the early 1980’s.

Regardless of whether your project encompasses a separate component, or more of a complete system – we offer competitive solutions.

We know the importance of absolute discretion to forge a long-lasting bond and trust with our clients. We highly value this trust and bond and are grateful for the ones we have maintained over the years and the ones in the future.

To ensure the best possible competitiveness with greatest product quality, shortest delivery time and lowest unit-price, all of our products are delivered with special ensured shipping, directly from our manufacturers without any expensive intermediaries – delivered straight to your desired factory location anywhere in the world.


Gratefully entrusted by clients of the electronics industry since 1983.